Classic Candlestick


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Hand crafted by candlemakers in the Northern Rivers these beautiful drip-less solid candle sticks are made of 100% Australian beeswax.

Solid candle sticks are hand poured and solid for long burning times. Beautiful smooth surface in the classic “colonial” design.

Burning time approx 12 hours. Cotton wick. Height 25cm. 

We also have our taper style candles here.

*Important* CANDLE CARE

Do not leave burning candles unattended at any time. Put them on a safe heat resistant surface. Don't leave candles near flammable materials. Remove packaging before you light your candle. Best to "snuff" candles rather than blow candles out. Burn your candle until the molten wax is to the edge. Please don't drain molten wax off the candle, it won't burn well. Only trim your candles wick to 1cm the FIRST time you burn it, don't trim again, the wick is self trimming when burning.

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