Colin is a creator of beautiful handmade pieces for the home. We had a strong clear vision that was so easily brought to life. The craftsmanship & care that is taken to put these pieces together is so evident, we are forever in awe of the beautiful piece that sits in our living room.


I recently had a chest of drawers & tv unit custom built by Colin. Every instruction I gave (which were quite specific as I’m very particular) were listened to and honoured. The pieces that were delivered are heirloom furniture that we will cherish for generations to come. The entire process from start to finish was efficient and cost effective, whilst delivering the high quality products that I was envisioning. So in love with our pieces!

Thank you Colin & Kerry!


We’d been procrastinating for ages about our window bench - what timber to use, how to shape the ends, how to finish it etc. Colin gently helped us distill our ideas and proposed a design that was so simple it seemed obvious - but not until he had helped us find it! With his excellent craftsmanship and eye for detail, we are absolutely delighted with the result - a beautiful 5 metre long floating window bench.  Designed, produced , finished and fitted in less than a week - under budget and exactly what we’d hoped for. 

Highly recommended!