Confucious said "it does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop". 

This renovation came about as organically as anything ever will. A few chats and ideas thrown around over the years and then an idea to use some reclaimed timber to build a bench top became the transformation of the favourite room in the house.

We never made big plans or set out a schedule, all we knew was that Colin would build the kitchen in amongst his own work and that we would just take it task by task. No stress was our mantra. Granted there were no structural changes to be made, we were able to work from the ground up seamlessly and actually enjoy the process in seeing it slowly come to life.  

The top three golden nuggets we think made this renovation come together so authentically:

1. Watch the space. The thing about going slowly is you have time to consider and become conscious to the way the space is actually being used. Rather than investing in a "look" for the kitchen, we decided to invest time and watch how the space was actually being used first. 

2. Keep original elements. Keeping original pieces is our thing so wherever possible we wanted to keep what was already existing. We salvaged the original shiplap, the shelving and a beautiful old tree stump that was originally used to chop on. We wanted to keep the original tiles for the splash back but they all cracked from the adhesive used, regardless we kept them as we hope to use them in the bathroom. 

3. Choose the materials you love. Dad wanted to use some beautiful reclaimed Tasmanian Oak timber he had been storing and so that became the bench top. He also loved blackened and stainless steel elements so we worked in a stainless steel sink and work top and added blackened steel hardware to the cabinetry. 

We don't know when the next room will begin but here's to another fun space to transform (slowly).