"I am at home among the trees".

- J.R.R Tolkien

Loll & Pete came to me with a brief to source, style & shoot their new Airbnb space. They put their full trust in me and I believe this is what made this project such a joy to create. 

The Greenhouse is a special place in Church Point on Sydney's Northern Beaches, surrounded by native trees and wildlife, overlooking the water. We wanted to compliment the nature that surrounds the home and give the guests a calm and tranquil space to enjoy their time away. 

There were three phases to getting the Greenhouse ready for bookings:

1. Sourcing - I sourced vintage and loved pieces that would bring a sense of character and cosiness to the space. It was important to Loll & Pete that their guests felt a sense of calm & relaxation as soon as they arrived so we sourced the highest quality towels and bed linen. Pieces with texture and softness, organic shapes and material and a sense of luxury were curated to compliment the existing space.

2. Styling - I wanted there to be many opportunities for their guests to relax and feel that sense of cosiness we often feel at home. I used soft furnishings to soften the space and the beds were positioned so that first morning glimpse was of the surrounding nature. Occasional chairs & reading nooks were established in the bedrooms to bring that sense of rest and an abundance of plants were chosen to compliment the outdoors. 

3. Shoot - The styling and shooting phases go hand-in-hand and often happen at the same time. We wanted to evoke a feeling of calm & tranquility so I kept the scenes casual, warm and inviting so that guests could imagine themselves in the space. 

I am passionate about sourcing a mix of loved, vintage and new pieces for the spaces I create to bring character and quality and to minimise on waste. We achieved all of this at the Greenhouse and I am humbled to have been part of such a beautiful project