Meet the Maker: Rewild

Meet the lovely Amanda from Rewild, a perfumer, explorer and painter living in the beautiful Grampians mountains who makes magic with her hands. 

We found Rewild through our wonderful Instagram community and begun stocking Amanda's beautifully handmade cleanse bars earlier this year as part of our Artisan Series.

When we reached out to Amanda to see if she'd answer a few of our burning questions, she said YES, so I'll hand you over to this amazing and heartfelt maker.... 


Tell us about you and how you came to be an artisan. 

It started by accident. A chance meeting of a Perfumer who kindly welcomed me into her world 19 years ago started my love of artisan perfumery. Since then, I have nurtured this practise through continual learning and creation. 

What does creativity mean to you?

For me creativity is the death of sameness. An absorption of my environment and then a release of something individual and truly beautiful. Creativity comes from being able to see life from different perspectives and all the feelings attached to this. An interpretation of how you view the world. Something to be celebrated. 

 What is your favourite part of your work/creative process?

There is one element of Scent Designing that gives me butterflies. Pulling together all the elements of colour, lyrics, music, items and aromas and setting the scene for a magnificent performance to begin. The scent then tells the story. Getting lost in this process is indescribable. 

But in saying that, I find every part of what I do, joyous. And I think that’s the secret. The (sometimes) monotonous task of washing beakers is interrupted. Sounds of glasses gently clinking together is music to my ears. 

What do you think your community loves most about Rewild products?

I think people love different parts of Rewild Co. Some love the environmental ethic, others love getting swept up in another world, or maybe it’s the beautiful scents. I will never know, so everything I create, I do because I love it.  

How does nature impact how you work?

I live in the mountains surrounded by creeks, trees, rivers, mountains, and wildlife. It is a glorious life living in tune with Mother Nature. Which is why it is so important to me that Rewild Co is low-impact. All Cleanse Bars are zero-waste and all ingredients are certified, meaning they have been sustainably sourced. 

What do you love about where you live?

I love the solitude and space. I love the accountability of living in nature. 

How do you like to unwind and slow the pace? 

I love perfumery so much because it slows my pace right down. It is impossible to rush. I put on my favourite dress, some Lana Del Ray and time just disappears. Time is unimportant when I am creating. When the world is shut out and distractions are eliminated, naturally then the body and mind slows to its own pace. 

What are you most excited about at the moment? 

The emergence of artisans and the support they are receiving. I live in hope that the world becomes more connected to the makers and to where things come from. A new revolution! 

Learn more about Rewild here.