In conversation with Sarah Andrews

"I wanted to build a miniature world for myself to cocoon in, heal, grow, just be myself." ~ Sarah Andrews

Scientist, sailor, stylist and all-round wonder woman Sarah Andrews talks to us about her journey to Captain's Rest, what a slow day looks like & how she approached creating her own home. 

Tell us a bit about you and what you think shaped the person you are today? 

Oh, thats a big question — I know I was born how I am today — my earliest memories were off being an escape artist — breaking out of my crib and running in any direction, as a little girl, I used to do the same thing on my pony — I could spend days in the bush or up the beach without coming home. I could read before I went to school and devoured information and books like air. Today, nothing has changed. I don't have a pony — but I can drive — only covid restrictions are holding me back.

You’ve said previously that when you got to Captain’s Rest it was in a much worse state than you had planned for, how did you find your inspiration in this moment? 

I was in such a terrible place in my life. Both personally and externally with my work, relationship and health. I wanted to build a miniature world for myself to cocoon in, heal, grow, just be myself.

Captain’s Rest has become an incredible success; at what point in the journey did you dream up The Hosting Masterclass & what did that process look like? 

It really was an accident. I was so inundated with requests for help with other peoples properties and projects that I couldn't physically get to them all, or the beautiful souls that dearly needed help with something they had invested so much in, but couldn't afford to hire me one on one. I decided to put on 3 small workshops around the country so that I could teach anyone who wanted to know, how I did what I did. Every single attendee to those workshops became so successful they are now superstars in their own rights. The rest is history.

Having studied with you, I know that The Hosting Masterclass community is like no other community! Is building community in your DNA or is it something you’ve learned how to do along the way? 

Thats a tough question, it was never the intention — what I do know, is that we only really get incredible people enrol to learn with us — I think our community is self built, I am just the connector, but am so happy to do so!

And you’ve recently found a home just for you, what has been your approach to how you style your own home? 

The worlds that spring to mind are boldly mine. I've thrown convention out the window and started to create spaces that suit just me. It was a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house, but I've made it into a one bedroom one bathroom with spaces for me to read, work, dream, sleep and enough voids to feel calm.

What does a slow day look like for you? 

I love to walk for hours and hours. If nothing is pressing I walk on the farm, forrest and beaches around my home until I have to come back and get stuck into the day. I work a little, because I do love it — I love to visit my local cafe, the Old Bank Cygnet to eat (I don't cook), and then I go for another little stroll when the sun is setting just to be out in the world. Once the sun is set, I read in front of my fire until I start to nod off.

A secret squirrel told me you have an exciting new project coming to life very soon? Can you share anything about that? 

Oh YES! TWO actually! I've been quiet about them both, but you'll hear all about them in August, and be able to have them in September! The first is a long awaited book, and the second is a brand new class. Both of these are for everyone, not just those with hosted homes.

And lastly Sarah, what is your intention at this moment of your life? 

Unabashed Joy.


Photo credits: Header image and first image by @marniehawson and third image by @evan_bailey_photography. 

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