Designer: Ilse Crawford

"Design that can be smelt, heard & felt" ~ Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford is understated, quiet, unwavering when she talks of interior design. 

It's her super power actually. In an industry filled with grandiose ideas & unattainable luxuries for spaces, its little wonder Ilse Crawford has become the icon of understated luxury & a pioneer of wellbeing in interior design. 

Ett Hem, Stockholm

Refettorio Felix Soup Kitchen, London

Ilse Crawford talks frequently about her distaste for how interior design is treated merely as an after-thought in the process of building a space;

"We spend 87% of our lives inside buildings. How they are designed really affect how we feel, how we behave. Design is not just a visual thing. It's a thought process. It's a skill.  Ultimately, design is a tool to enhance our humanity."

Her beautiful book A Frame for Life sits proudly on my book shelf and I refer to it often when I need a reminder of the essence of what design is about and a humble nudge to think about the humanness of a project over merely the visual elements.


Images are not my own; image source of main image is from Surface mag and StudioIlse.